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    Experts for Smart Sensor Solutions

Experts for Smart Sensor Solutions

Sensirion is the world's leading manufacturer of digital microsensors and -s. The product range includes gas and liquid flow sensors, differential pressure, as well as environmental sensors for the measurement of humidity and temperature, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), carbon dioxide (CO2) and particulate matter (PM2.5). Using our microsensor solutions, OEM customers benefit from the proven CMOSens® Technology and excellent technical support. Best-in-class products, unmatched experience and excellent application support make Sensirion your no.1 partner. Among a large variety of applications, our innovative sensor solutions are successfully used in the automotive and medical industry. As an innovation-driven company we are always keen to find new sensor solutions for demanding applications.

Environmental Sensors

Digital humidity sensors for precise, reliable and cost-effective humidity measurement and control in a wide variety of OEM applications such as consumer goods, automotive and HVAC applications.

More about humidity sensors

Versatile gas sensor platform with multi-pixel technology for various Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

More about multi-pixel gas sensor

The SPS30 particulate matter (PM) sensor enables accurate measurements from the device’s first operation and throughout its lifetime of more than eight years.

More about PM sensor

Sensirion Humidity and Temperature Sensors STS3x

High-accuracy digital temperature sensors for reliable temperature measurements. Suitable for a wide range of applications.

More about temperature sensors

Sensirion Environmental Sensing Co2 Preview

CMOSens® Technology for IR detection enables carbon dioxide measurements of high accuracy at a competitive price.

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Flow Sensors

Sensirion Mass Flow Meters SFM3000

Mass flow meters for accurate and reliable measurement of gas flow. Successfully used in medical, HVAC and industrial applications.

More about mass flow meters for gases

Sensirion Gas Meter Modules SGM70xx G4 G6

Gas meter modules providing a reliable real-time monitoring of gas consumption. Developed for use in gas meters with G1.6, G2.5, G4 or G6 flow ranges. 

More about gas meter modules

Sensirion Differential Pressure SDP600

Differential pressure sensors for gases. Measures accurately and offset free down to very low rates of differential pressure. Designed for demanding medical and HVAC applications.

More about differential pressure sensors

Sensirion Liquid Flow Meters LS32 1500

High precision liquid flow meters with measurement ranges down to nanoliters per minute. Designed for medical devices, HPLC, biotech and laboratory applications.

More about liquid flow meters

Sensirion Mass Flow Controllers SFC5400

Mass flow controllers for fast and precise control of gas flow. Designed for analytical instruments and different coating processes (photovoltaic or the like).

More about mass flow controllers for gases

Sensirion Customized Solutions 币圈交易平台App排名home

Sensor solutions are developed based on customer-specific requirements and adapted to produce individual, optimum OEM solutions for the most diverse needs and requirements.

Sensirion Automotive Solutions – New Website

Sensirion Automotive Solutions specializes in designing, developing and manufacturing environmental sensors for the automotive industry. With sales offices in China, South Korea, the US and Switzerland, we offer top-quality local support to OEMs and 1st tier suppliers around the world. Our main focus is on selling environmental sensors for automotive HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) applications making use of various sensing technologies to measure e.g. relative humidity, temperature, gas concentrations and particle matter concentrations. Sensirion Automotive Solutions is organized as a legally independent entity within the Sensirion holding and currently employs approx. 160 employees.

Visit the website of Sensirion Automotive Solutions


Sensirion's sensors are used in a wide range of markets and different applications. Our high-quality sensors and sensor solutions for the measurement and control of humidity, gas and liquid flows improve energy efficiency and sustainability. They increase our safety, support our health and raise the quality of life.

In many markets, Sensirion's years of experience and continuous innovation have made us the market leader. Again and again, Sensirion sets the standard in markets around the world. Through science and innovation we enable our customers in nearly every industry to meet the current and future needs.


With our sensor solutions, we help ensure energy-efficient operation of family 币圈交易平台App排名homes, industrial facilities, and entire building complexes and increase the level of comfort. Sensirion is one of the world's leading manufacturer of sensor solutions for heating, ventilation and air conditions (HVAC), appliance and industrial automation.

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Sensirion offers comprehensive sensor solutions for the automotive market with outstanding quality, low prices, and expert support. Using Sensirion’s proven sensor solutions, we help automotive manufacturers meet stringent emission standards in the automotive industry and reduce the vehicle's energy consumption by up to 3 percent. Our sensors set new standards in terms of comfort, safety, and energy consumption. They ensure that cabin air is always optimally regulated inside the vehicle for the driver by means of air-conditioning or climate-controlled seats. Furthermore, by determining the dew point the vehicle’s air-conditioning can be controlled to eliminate fogging of the windshields and ensure a clear view of the road ahead.

More about the automotive


Medical devices must meet the highest standards in terms of quality and reliability. Doctors, nurses, and patients benefit daily from applications in the field of medical technology that are getting smarter by the day. The use of proven Sensirion sensor solutions contributes to this and offers the possibility of making applications safer, more reliable, and more convenient. Our many years of experience in the field of medical technology make us the preferred experts for leading medical-technology companies.

More about medical

Consumer Electronics

The Internet of Things (IoT) makes our house a smart 币圈交易平台App排名home: effectively an interconnected living area where machines, too, interact with each other. Due to this tight network of and communication between electronic devices via sensors, a house “learns” how best to work according to the requirements of its occupants. For example, it controls and monitors the power consumption, household appliances, heating and ventilation, etc. This smart control increases the quality of life and living significantly, and leads to a more efficient use of energy.

Sensirion’s Developer Website – Get Inspired!

Sensirion's developer website provides developers with ideas and support to launch their own projects with Sensirion's innovative environmental and flow sensors. Information on hardware platforms as well as tutorials and implementation descriptions for interesting applications are available.

For example, there is a tutorial explaining how to use an Atmel board and two humidity sensors to detect whether a device (such as headphones) is on the body or not ("On/Off Body Detection"). Furthermore, you find a tutorial how you can measure the perspiration rate with two SHTW2 sensors.

Visit our developer page

Become Part of the Sensirion-World

With Sensirion's preference-based newsletter, we provide you with exactly the information you need. Let us know what content is of interest to you and secure access to exclusive knowledge. Sensirion's newsletters offer insights into current topics, new products, trade fairs and the company as a workplace.



Sensirion – a Great Place to Work®

Sensirion is a fantastic place to work. The high-tech company was certified by Great Place to Work®, the expert in workplace culture and employer attractiveness, in March 2019 and has been among the most popular employers in Switzerland since 2017. 

Indeed, the high-tech company's unique corporate culture is the foundation for the innovations that consistently push it to the top of its field and make it the international market leader in environmental and flow sensors.

Get more information about the results of the employee satisfaction questionnaire and the culture audit from Great Place to Work® Switzerland, read the statements of the employees why they think Sensirion is a fantastic work place and what Marc von Waldkirch, CEO of Sensirion AG, says about.

More about Sensirion – a great place to work

Environmental conditions have a major impact on our well-being, comfort, and productivity. Sensirion’s sensor solutions provide detailed and reliable data on key environmental parameters such as humidity, temperature, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), particulate matter (PM2.5), and CO2. Environmental Sensing opens up new possibilities to create smarter devices that improve our comfort and well-being as well as increase energy efficiency in a wide variety of applications.

We accompany you through the entire product development process, from the initial idea to product launch and beyond. Our expertise ranges from prototype construction, design-in support and use-case development to inline testing at the mass production stage.

More about environmental sensing

Medical Ventilation

The use and spread of ventilators is growing strongly due to increasing numbers of lung diseases. Modern ventilators place ever-growing demands on sensors in order to set the focus on the patients and their therapy. Sensirion's CMOSens® Technology has established a new generation of flow sensors that have proven their reliability millions of times in the field of CPAP devices. This technological advantage will enable manufacturers to realize the next quantum leaps in ventilation. Sensirion offers its customers the right sensor for all flow measurements and underscores its worldwide expertise in the field of medical ventilation. Learn more about the SFM3xxx platform.


To meet the currently increased demand for ventilators, Sensirion offers a new sensor variant designed for high-volume applications. The SFM3019 measures the flow of air and oxygen at up to 240 slm. Learn more about the SFM3019 digital flow meter.



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